Are You Ready To Fire Yourself?

Training programs to help you let go of the vine and let your Super Bowl winning team take over.


Feel Like You’re Stuck On A Hamster Wheel In Your Business?

  • Are you stuck in the day-to-day of running your business?
  • Does your team come to you with problems and expect you to solve them?
  • Do you have a million ideas but struggle to get them done?
  • Does your business growth depend on how much you work each week?
  • Are you frustrated that your team doesn’t work as hard as you?
  • If you weren’t around, would your team flounder?

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Get clear about what you want in your business and unleash your vision. (You’re no longer hampered by what your time permits.)


Operators who become Owners are shocked at how fast their business grows when the right team takes care of the day-to-day implementation.


Yes! You’ll finally get the reward you deserve: more time with family while the right team runs your business. (Don’t worry, you’re still in control!)

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The moment I handed off the day-to-day activities of my company, I got so much clarity and focus. It was the defining moment that accelerated my business while giving me more time with my family. I’m now on a quest to help other business-owning operators fire themselves and discover the empire-building power of becoming a true visionary owner.

Joe Evangelisti

Author of Operator to Owner

How Do You Want To Fire Yourself?

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What CEOs Are Saying

I came to this round table to expand my business. This is what it's all about. I want more money, I want more success, and I needed clarity, I needed some guidance. Learning from other people's mistakes, learning from how to do things is gonna get me to go up. So, get here, check it out, you definitely want to be involved. You want to be a millionaire? Start hanging out with them, start thinking like them, start working like them. Check it out, guys it's worth it.
David Ralic

David Ralic

CEO, Ralic Consulting
I found it to be very rewarding and I have a lot of ideas to take back to, to Dayton, to expand my business.

I would highly recommend it, [even if] you're very experienced there's always ways to expand and, and grow and I think Joe and his team can help you do that.
Mike Sogard

Mike Sogard

The Roundtable gave me virtual tools that I was able to implement on my acquisitions business right away.

This is the place to be if you want to gain proximity to the best in the business
George Beatty

George Beatty

Rockstar Wholesaler
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